Boardman crime activity: Police investigate theft of dairy products from truck


Police investigated the following incidents in Boardman from Jan. 13-22:

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Monday, Jan. 13

4:33 a.m. – 4000 block of Baymar Dr., Luis Navarro, 38, charged with theft and obstructing official business. Police said Navarro tried to steal a TV from Walmart but left it behind and ran after he was confronted by security. Officers arrested Navarro in a wooded area behind the building after a short chase.

Friday, Jan. 17

7:36 a.m. – 700 block of Bev Rd., reported theft of dairy products from a truck parked at Austintown Dairy. It reportedly happened in the early-morning hours.

10:49 a.m. – 4000 block of Glenwood Ave., while humane agents were investigating a complaint of abandoned dogs at a house, they reported that an unknown person ran from the house. Police learned that a resident there was being treated at a facility and a child had been relocated by Child Protective Services. Police said three dogs were found inside the home, and while there was some dog food on the ground, there were dog feces and cluttered conditions.

5:45 p.m. – 4300 block of Simon Rd., police were called to Aztec Manufacturing for a fire in the back of a building. Police said the owner reported that it appeared that the garage door had been “kicked.”

11:29 p.m. – 900 block of E. Western Reserve Rd., police identified a suspect, accused of stealing loose tobacco from the Shell gas station and running away. Police said the suspect, whose name was redacted on a police report, ran into a house and refused to open the door. Officers decided not to force entry due to the low-level offense, according to a police report.

Sunday, Jan. 19

5:51 a.m. – 1000 block of Tiffany South, Whitney Judy, 27, of Hermitage, Pa., arrested and charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest and obstructing official business. A woman told police that Judy punched her in the face during an argument at the Red Roof Inn. Police said there was a large amount of blood in an elevator at the hotel. Police said Judy was uncooperative and argumentative during her arrest, trying to run away and later kicking the partition in the police cruiser.

Monday, Jan. 20

8:30 p.m. – 7300 block of Salinas Tr., police were called to investigate a report of shots fired and arrived to find the noises may have been made by popped balloons that had been filled with confetti. Police found the balloons in the parking lot of an apartment complex and no evidence of a shooting.

Tuesday, Jan. 21

2:11 p.m. – 8100 block of Stadler Ave., police received a report that someone dumped what appeared to be cat litter on a car, which was parked at an apartment complex. The litter appeared to be from a nearby cat shelter, as it had been moved and there were footprints in the area. Police said the victims gave officers the name of a suspect, who they said had issues with them caring for a feral cat in the area. The suspect denied dumping the litter on the car but said she was told by the landlord to throw away the cat shelter.

Wednesday, Jan. 22

7:59 a.m. – 100 block of Homestead Dr., reported burglary at a vacant house.

10:06 a.m. – 100 block of Willow Dr., reported burglary in which copper pipes were stolen from a vacant house.

Disclaimer: These reports don’t represent all calls made to the Boardman Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the Boardman Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions.

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