YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Crews are working to repair an underground sinkhole that developed on S. Schenley Avenue in Youngstown. The hole developed just north of McCollum Road after a storm sewer pipe broke underground.

The sinkhole was about four-feet deep, but crews had to dig deeper to fix the issue, according to Chuck Shasho, director of Public Works at the Youngstown Engineer’s Office. The hole is now 12 feet deep by 8 feet wide and is located about three feet off the road in a grassy area.

Shasho said the concrete pipe was older, and the material in between the joints broke down, causing the breakage.

It will take a few days to repair the area, and traffic will be maintained during that time.

A sinkhole has opened up on S. Schenley Avenue in Youngstown.