YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Wednesday morning, the City of Youngstown administered its first COVID-19 vaccines. Those shots went to first responders and we talked to the man who got the very first dose.

“Today, for us, we’re making history here in the City of Youngstown,” said Erin Bishop, Youngstown City health commissioner.

“We’re on the front lines. We’ve always been, always will be,” said Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley.

He was the first worker in the city to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“We go out to people’s houses and have no idea,” Finley said. “We have PPE but we have no idea if this person is positive.”

Finley led the way. Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics followed suit.

“A landmark day and a landmark year,” said Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown.

Brown hopes seeing your fire chief get the shot will inspire you to eventually do the same.

“Today is a great opportunity to put this year behind us. This is the first step to moving forward, to putting the pandemic in the history books,” Brown said.

These men and women will still need a second dose.

“Just because we have the vax, it’s not ‘take your guard down,'” Brown said.

Until we can knock out this virus, they’ll keep knocking down fires in your neighborhood. They’ll continue wearing masks and being careful.

“We all knew when we signed up to be firefighters, paramedics, officers — we knew no matter what — if the world starts collapsing, first responders are still going to be on the front line,” Finley said. “We’re going to do it ’til we can’t no more.”

On Thursday, people in group homes throughout the city will start getting the shot as well.