(WKBN) – When there’s a special event in your life, you want the world to know. One way to do that is through yard signs, which is a big business right now with the ban on large gatherings.

The Menci family is busy. They work all day long to keep up with the demand for yard signs. Memories by the Yard is supposed to be a side business.

“We are up 780% over our normal business right now. It has turned into a 24-hour a day business right now,” said Debbie Menci.

Chris is still juggling his normal job. Debbie and their three daughters are helping, as they’re all out of work.

It’s a business going morning, noon and night. The days are for preparing while the signs are put in yards between 3 and 6 a.m.

A smiley face emoji is the top selling sign.

“That seems to be the go-to sign. We have lots of different things. The birthday cake candles signs is very popular also,” Debbie said.

The Mencis are burning the candle at both ends to make everyone happy.

“We wish we could do more, trying our best to help everybody to make special occasions memorable,” Debbie said.

The birthdays and anniversaries continue despite the virus.

Sign Gypsies Ohio Valley took part in a wedding proposal for Clemate Franklin, whose original proposal was going to be at the Butler Art Institue before it closed.

“Just to be part of that was so awesome and the fact she said yes, it was a great experience,” said Sign Gypsies owner Molly Bianco.

One kid whose birthday was made brighter is Parker, who just turned 6 years old.

Sign Gypsies has seen business go from one or two bookings a week to about 10 requests a day.

“As time-consuming as it is, it is so fulfilling and it makes you feel like you’re doing something during this time,” Bianco said.

Both sign companies were basically side-businesses before the coronavirus. Now, they’re trying to keep up with demand as best they can. They advise people to book as early as possible.

To book with Memories by the Yard, call 330-856-7788 or visit their website.

For Sign Gypsies Ohio Valley, email signgypsiesohiovalley@gmail.com or visit their website.