With no foreseeable end, travelers still have to keep pandemic in mind when planning


One local mother has been planning her daughter's destination wedding from here in the Valley

(WKBN) – We’re deep into winter but spring isn’t too far away, so your mind may be somewhere else, possibly somewhere tropical? If you’re planning a trip away or already have something booked, you’ll have to continue to keep the pandemic a part of your plans.

“We have not been able to see the resort, only in pictures,” said Missy Kemats, of Lisbon.

Mother-of-the-bride Missy Kemats says they’ve been planning her daughter’s destination wedding from here in the Valley.

“Last year, we were going to just look at the resorts, figure out locations, speak with the wedding planner in person,” Kemats said.

But their flights were canceled because of COVID-19.

“We’ve had to do this all via conversation and pictures,” Kemats said.

For now, the June wedding is still in the books.

“We’re not seeing a lot for the springtime. It’s actually starting like June,” said Kathy Pahanish, a travel agent with Executive Tour and Travel.

The same goes for other vacations booked so far, according to Pahanish.

“When it comes to making a decision, would I travel tomorrow? I absolutely would,” Pahanish said.

Pahanish says the resorts are stepping up their precautions, even going as far as sanitizing your shoes when you walk through the door.

What has impressed her the most was the quick response of many destinations once they found out American travelers needed a negative COVID-19 test to reenter the states.

“We literally, within three days, had received word that a lot of our resorts are providing the COVID test at their expense,” Pahanish said.

For Kemats, they’re optimistic that the wedding is going on without interruption.

“You’re still a little bit apprehensive about what it’s going to be like when you get there,” Kemats said.

She is grateful that they bought insurance on the trip they were supposed to take last year to visit the possible wedding locations.

Pahanish encourages anyone traveling to make sure they get insurance, too.

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