When can you return to work after coronavirus diagnosis?


Dr. Amy Acton answered the question during our live special Wednesday night

(WCMH) — During Wednesday’s ‘Coronavirus in Ohio’ special, a question was asked about returning to work after a coronavirus diagnosis.

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton was able to join us live to answer.

“So, most of us will go through this illness and be able to stay home. In fact, studies so far show that about 80% of us, we might have a very bad flu, in fact, one that might feel a little bit more severe than what we’ve had before,” said Dr. Acton. “In guidance with our doctor, we’ll stay home, and most of us won’t get tested. Even myself, you know, I may not get tested if I have the symptoms and I talk to my primary care provider they might just say ‘stay at home.'”

Dr. Acton went on to describe the criteria for returning.

“What we’re looking for as clinicians is that you go 72 hours without a fever, without any aspirin or Advil or anything that’s artificially lowering your fever. Then we’re also making sure that you’re at least seven days post when you first showed signs of the illness. That’s the latest CDC guidance,” said Dr. Acton.

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