(WTRF) — People as young as 16 in West Virginia will receive a savings bond if they get vaccinated, Gov. Jim Justice announced during his Monday coronavirus briefing.

The savings bond plan, which applies to people ages 16-35, is a bid to get more COVID-19 vaccine shots in arms in the state.

“We can use CARES [Act] dollars to do exactly just this. We’re going to give every single one of these people, the people that have already stepped up, we’re going to give a $100 savings bond to every single one that takes their vaccines,” said Justice

In addition, Justice relayed other recommendations to improve vaccinations in West Virginia, including highly visible clinics in front of schools, utilization of a program like “Meals On Wheels” to vaccinate the public and a plan to pay pharmacies to stay open later.

“We got to shut [COVID-19] down, I’m stepping up and calling for our kids to accept this wonderful savings bond and keep it for a long time,” Justice added.

On Friday, the governor said state health officials were brainstorming ways to encourage more people in West Virginia to get vaccinated. Currently, 558,785 people in the state have been fully vaccinated.

“I’m telling you, West Virginia, it’s time to shut this thing down” unless state residents want COVID-19 to “linger forever,” Justice said.

It was not immediately announced how those in West Virginia could retrieve the savings bond.