Warren duo’s hobby of turning trash into treasure keeps them busy during quarantine


For Ron Komsie and his daughter Misty, they've never seen trash as something to throw away

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – How have you been staying busy during the pandemic? A father and daughter duo in Warren has used the time to create tiny houses and scenes out of recycled products.

“Some people’s trash is my treasure I guess,” said Ron Komsie.

For Ron and his daughter Misty, they’ve never seen trash as something to throw away. Instead, they use it to create art.

“You just look at it and try to decide what you can make out of it,” Ron said.

“We upcycle everything. I mean, we use it for Christmas gifts, we use it all the time. So if we can find another use for it, we will,” Misty said.

One place they get materials is from Ron’s long-time caretaker, Angie Shoop with Infinity Health Care Solutions. She told them recycling was no longer being picked up in her neighborhood.

“They said, ‘Well, bring me your trash and we can craft out of it!'” Shoop said.

Shoop has also been a huge supporter of the art they make, saying it’s an example of how to make masterpieces from nothing.

“I’ve learned from the Komsie family that you can just use free items to create magical places,” Shoop said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ron and Misty have stayed busy creating tiny homes and scenes.

“The sticks that hold the roof up are skewers that I had for making shish kabobs but they came into a better use on my Army barracks,” Ron said.

They’ve made everything from tiny homes to a barn scene and even miniature trailer homes.

“It’s like a treasure trove of garbage, but not garbage in our eyes,”

And every piece has intricate details.

“These are little beads that I made look like grape packets or blueberry packets,” Misty said.

Shoop wanted Ron and Misty to share their creations with the world, to show people that hard work and passion come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

“Open up your eyes and look at all the beauty around and quit focusing on the negativity,”

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