South Range updates tentative back-to-school plan


This is the plan so far, but there could be changes before school starts

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The South Range School Board held a special meeting Tuesday evening to discuss its return-to-school plan for the upcoming year.

The board approved two measures.

First, all students will be required to wear face coverings at all times while in the building, which conforms with Gov. Mike DeWine’s mandate.

Second, the school year for students will begin September 8.

Superintendent Bethany Carlson said the changes were made in unprecedented times.

“The world of education is changing daily with different orders, regulations, restrictions that have come out. Since our initial survey five weeks ago, things have changed of what we really can and can’t do or should or shouldn’t do in a building.”

In addition to the changes adopted at the meeting, the board presented the full return-to-school plan. Some highlights include:

  • A hybrid alternate day plan in which students will receive in-class instruction one day and learn remotely on the other
  • Attendance will be taken for students learning remotely and remote learning days will happen at the same time as in-person learning days
  • A contact tracing plan will be in place that would quarantine sick students and anyone they’ve contacted for 14 days
  • Extra-curricular activities like sports and band will be offered, however, if a participant contracts COVID-19, the group will be quarantined for 10 days

These potential changes will be discussed further and finalized at the next regular meeting on August 17.

More information on the district’s back-to-school plan is available on its website.

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