BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – With the spread of the coronavirus, some people are turning to vitamins to help build their immune systems.

Chad Williams is the owner of Living Naturally Health Market on Route 224 in Boardman.

He has recommendations for people to keep their health up in a more natural way.

“These things have been around for many years. It gets into more super food antimicrobials,” said Williams.

He says an antimicrobial is a natural super food that has a history of destroying viruses, fungi and bacteria in the body.

Williams gave Elderberry as an example.

“It’s an antimicrobial,” he said. “It makes the list as one of the stronger ones, wild oregano, also colloidal silver.”

Williams says they come in multiple forms such as soft gels, liquid and powder just to name a few.

However, he stresses taking it by mouth.

“There’s no question, they should take it orally. They should also clean their nose, if not with saline, then with multiple spice spray,” Williams said.

He says that winter and summer is when they see the most customers, but they haven’t seen as much of a drop so far with COVID-19.

“Our business will start to die down or fade as we get into spring, there’s no questioning that. What’s going on has helped us sustain some of our winter high business,” said Williams.

And Williams isn’t just the store owner, he uses these products himself.

“I can tell you it has helped my health in many ways,” Williams said. “I’m not as sick as much. I feel healthier. I have more energy.”