Sharpsville mom hopes governor has change of heart on school sports attendance guidelines


A new bill would give districts control of attendance sits on the governor's desk

SHARPSVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Pennsylvania high schools are still awaiting the final decision on House Bill 2787 that would allow districts to regulate their own spectators at sports games.

The bill still sits on Governor Tom Wolf’s desk, and he is expected to veto it. But some, like Sharpsville mom Jeanette Tarnoci, are remaining hopeful.

“We’re adults. We can be responsible. If someone tells us we need to social distance and wear a mask, we can do that,” Tarnoci said.

As it stands now, there are only 250 people allowed at outdoor sports games. and 25 inside, including teams, coaches, and officials.

Tarnoci’s son is a sophomore at Sharpsville High School and plays on the football team. Her biggest concern is not being there in the event something were to happen to her son.

“No parents wants to get that phone call that their child is on an ambulance heading to the hospital and you’re not there,” she said.

Sharpsville’s athletic director Zack Walters echoed this concern, saying that he knows other parents have the same worries.

“It’s a bit different with parents and have that feeling like you want to be there just in case,” Walters said. “You’re just trying to find any alternative you can.”

Walters says that there is only so much they can do until a final decision on crowds is made. Sharpsville is still hosting their senior night celebration Saturday, and every athlete will have two tickets for their guests to come.

“We’re going to be cutting it close, and I’ll be there counting,” he said.

Walters isn’t too concerned about crowd control for most outdoor sports, but he does hope that more can be done for indoor teams.

“Fingers crossed on that. It’s been a nightmare for the indoor sports coaches,”Walters said.

Regardless of Gov. Wolf’s decision, Walters says they are just happy they can get their kids back in school and playing sports again.

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