Seasonal allergies or COVID-19? Health experts note key differences


"Not every sneeze, not every runny nose is related to the novel coronavirus," one health official said

FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — It’s the first full week of spring and seasonal allergies may be kicking in.

“We’re definitely seeing an increasing number of people who are experiencing symptoms that they would describe as their typical allergy symptoms,” said Frederick County, Maryland Health Officer, Dr. Barbara Brookmyer.

But health officials are addressing concerns against stigmatizing a sneeze for something more serious.

“Not every sneeze, not every runny nose is related to the novel coronavirus,” Brookmyer said.

But what are some symptoms that separate annual allergies from COVID-19? Among the most common symptoms of the coronavirus is a fever, which is also a symptom those with allergies won’t experience.

“When you have allergies, there shouldn’t be a fever,” Brookmyer said. “If you have a fever, it’s probably not allergies.”

Brookmyer added key symptom differences include a dry cough and shortness of breath.

“When someone who, normally, during allergy season does not experience shortness of breath, then that would be more concerning that they would have something other than allergies,” Brookmyer said.

Ultimately, people should consult their health care provider to discern the root of their symptoms or seek emergency medical care if necessary.

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