Returning vacationers haven’t caused coronavirus uptick, Mahoning Co. medical director says


Dr. Kravec said at this point, the county hasn't seen too many cases of COVID-19 from people coming back after a trip

MAHONING CO., Ohio (WKBN) – Many are wondering how their summer travel plans will be affected by the coronavirus. People want to know if they can go on vacation and if it’s safe.

Eight people in West Virginia tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Mahoning County hasn’t seen anything similar to that, nor has it seen cases of the virus connected to travel.

“We haven’t seen, necessarily, impacts of people going somewhere else and coming back but we keep an eye on it,” said Dr. James Kravec, Mahoning County medical director. “We keep an eye on it to know if travel impacts something, how do you bring it back? So I haven’t seen a big spike of patients that have gone away and come back that have caused problems here.”

If you’re planning a trip, Kravec suggests knowing how you’re going to get to your travel spot, as well as maintaining social distancing while you’re there and wearing a mask.

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