Registered dietitian shares tips on how to beat the ‘quarantine blues’


Laura Zavadil says "just because we're stuck at home... doesn't mean this is vacation mode"

(WKBN) – A lot of us are adjusting to a new normal: being stuck at home. It prompts the question, how do you stick to a normal routine of eating right and exercising?

Laura Zavadil, a registered dietitian, has a few ways to help.

“Just because we’re stuck at home and our schedules are all out of whack doesn’t mean this is vacation mode and we can just order pizza and wings and drink a bottle of wine every night because, at some point, it’s gonna catch up with you,” she said.

Many of us are adjusting to a different routine, like working from home or keeping the kids busy while home from school. So Zavadil says it’s important to get back to as much of a normal routine as possible.

“Set a family schedule with breakfast time and schoolwork and when everyone is taking breaks and what you’re planning for lunch and what you’re planning for dinner and how you’re going to get your activity in that day,” she said.

When it comes to what to eat, Zavadil says to focus on foods that will help your immune system.

“The more colorful fruits and vegetables you can get into the day, it’s going to increase your immunity one hundredfold,” she said.

Zavadil says it’s common for people to overeat when they’re bored or stressed, but she has some advice for that too.

“Out of sight, out of mind. If you have something in your house that is a trigger for you, get it up on the top shelf or out of the top shelf on the pantry or behind something so it’s hard for you to get to it,” she said.

Zavadil says it’s also important to stay active during this time. Most gyms are closed right now but there are still options to get a workout in.

“A lot of gyms are doing online classes, live classes,” she said.

A lot of people are also turning to social media to get their workouts in.

“We’ve also been doing challenges on Instagram and TikTok and taking selfies and do your push-ups today,” Zavadil said.

Health officials are also encouraging people to get outside during this time and go for walks.

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