Push strengthens for mandatory masks in some Ohio cities


Most seem to agree that the way we can stay open and stay safe is simply wearing a mask.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – From medical professionals to the governor and now all the way up to the vice president most seem to agree that the way we can stay open and stay safe is simply wearing a mask.

“Ohio is not seeing the surge places like Texas, Florida and Arizona are, but we are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. Ohio recorded 1,076 new cases Wednesday. The highest number in months.

Calls to cover your face are growing louder across the country as states like Ohio try to avoid closing their doors yet again.

“Wear a mask. No matter what you do wear a mask,” said Dr. Anita Somani, an obstetrician in Columbus. “I would really encourage DeWine to make it mandatory to wear a mask because that, with social distancing and washing your hands, is the most effective way we are going to open up the economy, also.”

Governor DeWine has always encouraged wearing a mask but stopped short of requiring face coverings in his reopening plan.

“Mandating that every Ohioan out in public wear a mask was something that a significant amount of Ohioans would not accept,” DeWine stated previously.

DeWine’s stance has left communities like Bexley, Ohio to make their own call.

“If we’re all wearing masks, that’s the best way we have to combat the virus, so we thought the order was essential to give that extra nudge,” said Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler.

On Friday, Bexley will require face coverings in retail stores, public offices and restaurants through July 30.

“I see this as an economic as well as public health initiative, because if we have to close back up businesses, our entire society is going to suffer,” Kessler said.

Governor DeWine is set to hold a news briefing Thursday where he is expected to lay out a plan for Ohio’s next phase in battling the coronavirus.

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