Patient demographics show COVID-19 took a toll on Mahoning County’s elderly


Ninety-five percent of the people who died in the county were age 60 and over

MAHONING CO., Ohio (WKBN) – We’ve been told over and over again that it’s the elderly and people with underlying health conditions who are most affected by COVID-19. A closer look at the demographics of coronavirus patients in Mahoning County shows that’s true.

Fifty-six percent of people in the county who tested positive for COVID-19 were age 60 and over.

Twenty-seven percent of cases were in people age 80 and over.

Only 11% were 30 and under.

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Sixty-one percent of all cases were in females, while 39% were male.

In the entire state of Ohio, 52% were male and 47% were female. In 1% of cases, the sex was not reported.

In Mahoning County, 73% of hospitalizations were for people age 60 and over. Only 2% were people 30 and under.

While more females tested positive in Mahoning County, more males had to be hospitalized. Fifty-three percent of hospitalizations in the county were males and 47% were females.

As far as deadly cases of coronavirus, 95% of the people who died in the county were age 60 and over. Only 5% were under 60.

Of all deaths in Mahoning County, 73% were residents of long-term care facilities and 99% had underlying health conditions.

More men than women died in the county — 52% to 48%.

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