Overall, coronavirus situation locally and in Ohio seems to be improving


Most of the numbers regarding cases, hospitalizations and deaths are trending downward

(WKBN) – Three weeks ago, retail stores in Ohio were allowed to reopen. With that in mind, how have COVID-19 numbers trended over the past month?

Most of the numbers are trending downward, meaning the situation’s getting better. There is one, however, that spiked in Ohio last week.

New cases of the coronavirus in Ohio have dropped significantly. Last week, there were over 1,400 — a 60% drop from four weeks earlier.

In Mahoning County, the total number of new cases was 89 — down 40% in four weeks.

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New hospitalizations statewide is the only number that went up — and it went up a lot. Last week, there were 806 hospitalizations in Ohio, which is the highest number in four weeks and almost double from the week before.

There were no big spikes in hospitalizations in Mahoning County. For two weeks, that number was in the teens, then it went up to 21 two weeks ago. It was back down to 14 last week.

At the same time, the number of deaths is way down. Last week, 84 people died from the coronavirus in Ohio — the lowest number in four weeks and down 70% from May 12.

In Mahoning County, the number of deaths is also dropping. Four weeks ago, it was 40 but since then, has been going down — 24, 15 and 13 over the past three weeks. That’s close to a 70% drop in a month.

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