Over past 4 weeks, Ohio sees 37% decrease in number of COVID-19 cases


The numbers for COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations are all dropping

(WKBN) – Compared to last summer, we’re seeing the numbers regarding COVID-19 cases continue to decrease.

In Ohio, cases have been gradually falling over the past four weeks, not including today, Monday, May 10.

For the week ending on April 18, there were 13,720 new cases reported. For the week ending on April 25, there were 11,131. For the week ending on May 2, there were 10,698 and for the week ending on May 9, there were 8,605 new cases of COVID-19 reported.

From about 13,000 to 8,000, that’s a 37 percent decrease over the past four weeks.

To put this in perspective, the week of Dec. 7-14 had over 86,000 cases, which is 10 times the number of cases for this past week.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 in Ohio is also way down compared to the week of Dec. 14-21, when there were 826.

Over the past four weeks, the number of deaths has fluctuated from 164 (week ending on April 16) to 131 (week ending on April 23) to 162 (week ending on April 30) to 144 (week ending on May 7).

Even though it’s not 826 people, 144 is still a lot.

When it comes to hospitalizations in Ohio, the numbers are also decreasing.

On Sunday, April 18, there were 1,297 people in the hospital with COVID-19. On Sunday, April 25, there were 1,181. On Sunday, May 2, there were 1,101 and on Sunday, May 9, there were 1,058 hospitalized people.

From April 18 to May 9, the number saw an 18 percent drop.

The number in Ohio peaked on Dec. 15 at 5,308.

So, all of these numbers are so much better than they were compared to five months ago. For the most part, all of these numbers are continuing to fall.

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