Editor’s Note: The video above is an ODH press conference from Jan. 7, 2022.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – In just over a month, the most infectious COVID-19 variant to date, omicron, has gone from 2 cases to more than 74% of all coronavirus cases in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Health announced that the state’s first cases were detected in tests from Dec. 7 in Central Ohio.

Now, ODH data shows the variant breakdown of current COVID-19 cases.

Courtesy: Ohio Department of Health

Genomic sequencing tested a portion of those cases and found 74.24% were omicron and 24.83% were delta.

The data was taken during a 2-week period ending Jan. 1.

.93% of cases are listed as other.

Nationally, the CDC shows 98.3% of cases are the omicron variant, with data most recently updated on Jan. 8.

Ohio health leaders say the state’s peak is yet to come.

“Ohio as a state will peak toward the end of January,” Dr. Andy Thomas, Chief Clinical Officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said last week.

According to the CDC, omicron has increased transmissibility and the ability to evade immunity from vaccination and past infection.

Dr. Thomas said omicron is also more contagious because it appears people infected with it carry more of the virus in the mouth and nose, so a cough or a sneeze is spreading more infected droplets.