COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A milestone day happened Friday when the Ohio Department of Health released the latest numbers related to the coronavirus pandemic in the state at 2 p.m.

The total number of cases stands at 2,016,095.

Numbers as of Friday, Dec. 31 follow:

New cases2,016,095+20,598
ICU admissions11,749+19
*–Deaths are updated twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays

The 21-day case average is 11,797. This is the new highest daily total for new cases, and the health department reported that cases may have been undercounted because of the high volume coming in.

The median age for deaths is now 39.

In addition, the department reported 10,382 people started the vaccination process, bringing the total to 6,996,480, which is 59.85% of the state’s population. And 34,235 received booster shots.

The Ohio Hospital Association reported the following numbers related to COVID-19 patients:

Hospitalized patients
with COVID-19

Percent of
total beds
Percent of total
beds available
In ICU1,24027.65%12.56%
On ventilator77016.09%57.89%

Boosters protect cancer patients according to a new study. Children hospitalized with COVID are worrying health officials as they see rising numbers of kids in the ICUs. And a family of siblings all died of COVID-19. They were found in different parts of the house after police made a wellness check.