Ohio positivity rate increasing again


Locally, the three-county area comes in at the mid to lower end of the 88 counties in Ohio

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says that the positivity rate in the state is climbing again.  

During his Thursday briefing, DeWine pointed out that the state’s positivity rate is 3.9% for the last seven days, which is up from 2.7% on September 23.  

DeWine also noted that 51 counties in Ohio are either Alert Level 3 or high incidence.  

“This means that if you’re in one of these counties, you should be concerned,” said DeWine.  

Athens, Fayette, and Ross counties all had some of the highest occurrence in the state. 

Athens County is at 364.3 per 100k and a total of 238 case count.  

Fayette County is at 374.1 per 100k and a total of 99 case count.  

Ross County is at 200.9 per 100k and a total of 154 case count.  

Locally, the three-county area comes in at the mid to lower end of the 88 counties in Ohio.

Mahoning County is at 96.2 cases per 100K and a total of 220 case count.

Trumbull County is at 60.1 cases per 100K and a total case count of 119 case.

Columbiana County is at 51.0 per 100K and a total case count of 52.

DeWine warned that there’s still a ways to go to defeat the virus and in the winter, it could get worse.

“Although a vaccine is on the way in the future, we can’t control the timetable of the development of a vaccine – but we can control how much this flares up until then,” said Governor DeWine. “We have avoided the large outbreaks that other countries and other states have seen, and so far, the combined efforts of Ohioans have kept the virus in check. We can’t let our guards down now. We need to continue taking basic safety measures of wearing masks, keeping distance, and avoiding large gatherings.”

“Things will get better, but in all likelihood, things will get worse before they get better,” said DeWine.

He continued to encourage Ohioans to wear masks and avoid large gatherings, and noted that where there is high mask usage there has been significant amount of reduced cases and spread.

“Wear mask when you are in any place where you will see others. The virus wants us to get complacent because it needs us to spread it,” said DeWine.

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