Ohio businesses feel affect of curfew — can it affect COVID-19 numbers?


The curfew has had an impact on businesses, but is it doing anything to affect the case count?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The statewide curfew in Ohio began about two weeks ago. There is one week remaining until the curfew ends, and some people are questioning how much good has been done and if the order will be renewed.

Doctors have explained that it is impossible to know the impact the curfew has made.

Business owners explain they’ve been seeing an impact daily.

Despite open doors to welcome customers, foot traffic in Columbus businesses Thursday night was sparse for several of them.

“It honestly reminds me of the early stages of the quarantine,” Michelle Papaycik said.

Bar owner Scott Ellsworth has watched business evaporate over the last two weeks as the curfew took effect and students left OSU’s campus.

“Especially when you’re already struggling, every little bit hurts even that much more,” Ellsworth said.

During Gov. Mike DeWine’s briefing Thursday, he pointed to the curfew and renewed mask mandates having made a dent in the numbers.

“The rate of increase seems to be not quite as steep and so we think that those things have helped, but they’ve not done what needs to be done,” DeWine said.

Some people hope the curfew is renewed next week, to continue making an impact because it is keeping people away from each other and gathering in groups.

Bars and restaurants could be back on a normal operating schedule should the curfew be allowed to expire.

“It’ll be great to have just the freedom of running your business the way you want to run it, the timeframe you should be allowed to run it, just to be able to be open in that facet,” Ellsworth said.

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