NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Many people dread going to the dentist, but now the dentist’s office is becoming a place to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Andrew Matta was selected by Pennsylvania health officials to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at his New Castle office. Matta has completed state training and been approved to give it out.

“The actual vaccine is in an injection, and there is no healthcare provider who gives more injections than a dentist, and dentists are doing much more complicated injections with nerve block, etc.,” Matta said.

Matta believes patients can disconnect from what they typically worry about when going to the dentist – to receive the vaccine in the arm and not the mouth.

He’s applied to receive 500 doses.

“The community is very interested in getting vaccinated, and there’s a lot of bottlenecks right now. Pa. is one of the states that’s having a real challenge,” Matta said.

Matta already has a freezer in place to hold the Moderna vaccine at 22 degrees below zero. He’s set up a separate entrance for receiving the vaccine than his dental patients enter.

The vaccine is not just for his dental patients.

“Having more point of care opportunities and more access for patients to receive the vaccination, I think this will be very popular,” Matta said.

Matta’s office has already been giving rapid COVID tests. Now, he’s ready to provide care during the next phase of the pandemic and serve the community even better.

“We’re really trying to broaden the vision of what is done in a normal dental office, Matta said.

Matta finds out Friday how many doses his office will receive and then will release details about how people can sign-up for getting the vaccine.