More Poland student-athletes undergo contact tracing after possible COVID-19 exposure


Each athlete and coach has gotten a message from the district and health department about practices

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A Mahoning County school district is getting a first-hand lesson in contact tracing after a student-athlete said they were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

Finding out who people have been around is an important part of beating the coronavirus.

Tennis practice continues at Poland High School — its players are OK. Golf, boys soccer and the band are also still allowed to continue pre-season preparations.

“So all of our other teams have had situations where we’ve had to isolate based on the circumstances, according to Mr. Tekac and the County Health Department,” said Poland Superintendent Dave Janofa.

Wednesday morning, Poland received new information on a student who practiced Monday with the football team. The team was sidelined on Wednesday. It started a stream of contact tracing on who that athlete had been around.

So, how soon could the teams or individuals get back to practice?

“It depends on if they had symptoms. If there were symptoms, if they were asymptomatic, and now you go by the test date. So it changes based on every individual’s circumstance,” Janofa said.

Poland is working to create a safe environment and has been working with the health department, but it knows if it wants to offer sports, this is the new normal.

Each athlete and coach has gotten a message from the district and health department.

“Ensure that if you have any symptoms at all you cannot come around the rest of the team. Not only does that mean during practice, but you can’t socialize with them as well,” Janofa said.

Poland felt it had the situation isolated from Monday, but then on Tuesday more athletes got tested and those test results came in Wednesday morning, which created the new circumstances.

Contact tracing is also how Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown learned he had been around someone who got the coronavirus. He tested negative within a week.

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