Mahoning, Trumbull counties see sharp spike in COVID-19 cases over past week


Columbiana County, however, showed no spike in cases -- it has been holding steady between 20 and 32

(WKBN) – Since Ohio and Pennsylvania first shut down businesses six months ago, we’ve been tracking the COVID-19 numbers both statewide and locally. Here are the latest trends over the past four weeks.

One thing that’s not happening is a dramatic drop in cases, deaths and hospitalizations. In fact, the one trend that really stuck out was the sharp rise in cases over the past week in Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

For the three previous weeks, new cases in Mahoning County ranged from 36 to 60. They then rose to 111 in the past week — three times more than the week before.

The number of deaths in Mahoning County is down slightly. For two weeks they were at six, then at one and last week it was three.

In Trumbull County, again, new cases spiked in the past week. For three weeks they were between 26 and 47, then rose to 71 — almost triple from the week before.

Like Mahoning County, deaths in Trumbull County stayed on the low side, anywhere from one to four over the past four weeks.

Columbiana County, however, showed no spike in cases. It has been holding steady between 20 and 32.

There’s a significant drop in the number of deaths. In the past seven days, no one died in Columbiana, compared to 10 the week before.

Mercer County is seeing a drop in cases. It was in the 50s for two weeks earlier this month, then dropped to 44 and this past week had 38.

But, Mercer County is seeing a spike in the number of COVID-19 deaths. For two straight weeks there were none, then one and in the past seven days four people have died.

Ohio as a whole has had no big spikes, but no big drops either. Over the past four weeks, the number of new cases has averaged around 7,000, which is where the number was this past week.

The number of deaths in Ohio was over 200 three weeks ago but otherwise has been between 130 and 150.

The number of people hospitalized has been holding steady as well, from a low of 590 to a high of 685.

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