Local superintendents glad for guidance with Gov. DeWine’s plans for opening schools


Superintendents of the Boardman, Poland and Campbell Schools have been working on plans to reopen and were glad to have some guidance

(WKBN) – After Governor Mike DeWine announced his plans for schools this fall, Superintendents of the Boardman, Poland and Campbell Schools have been working on plans to reopen and were glad to have some guidance.

Boardman Superintendent Tim Saxton, Poland’s Dave Janofa and Campbell’s Matt Bowen all listened to the Governor’s briefing.

“We’re really excited to hear the governor announce today that they are considering with the CARES Act dollars, another allocation to the districts,” Bowen said.

“I was excited about the opportunity that we have about having our children back in the fall,” Janofa said.

Among the required were that all staff and teachers must wear masks or guards. Among the strongly recommended were students grades three and above should wear masks, too.

“A lot of parents feel strongly one way or the other. I don’t know, that’s a tough one,” Saxton said.

“And certainly I think we’ll have to work with our re-entry committee to see what they think,” Janofa said.

“If that is the directive of the state and that’s the recommendation of the state, who are we to argue?” said Bowen.

All three superintendents are also working on the same basic plan: to allow for in-the-classroom traditional learning.

For parents hesitant to send their children, remote learning will be an option, and schools and students must also be prepared for schools to be shut down again.

“Most of the parents in the survey say they want their kids back. The American Pediatric Association say kids should be back in school. We agree with that. We want kids back,” Saxton said.

They also agree every effort must be made to keep people safe.

On Thursday, all the furniture on Boardman High School’s first floor was in the hallway while a thorough cleaning took place.

Poland’s superintendent had thermometers in his officer and has ordered ten thermal thermometers–at $2,100 apiece–like some hospitals are using.

Campbell plans for only four days in the classroom, with Wednesdays reserved for deep cleaning.

“You know, you always talk about how you want to be part of history,” Saxton said. “I think education is about to be transformed for the good.”

All three superintendents said they plan to have plans finalized and into the hands of the students and parents within two weeks.  

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