Local stores working to build up product supply wiped out by virus rush


Some things -- like cleaning products, toilet paper and hand sanitizer -- are still hard to come by

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Grocery stores in the area are still working to build their stock back up on certain high-demand products.

Dan Ginnetti, assistant manager at Sparkle Market on Western Reserve Road, said he hasn’t seen anything like this before.

The paper section at Ginnetti’s store is a little more stocked than it had been, but there is still a lot of empty space. There are still limits on many of the products.

“Not because we’re not making money, it’s so other people can get them,” Ginnetti said. “We’re not sure how many more we’re going to get so we want to make sure what we do have gets spread out a little.”

At Rulli Brothers in Boardman, there’s a similar policy.

“There are some sensitive items that everybody wants,” Michael Rulli said. “That’s going to be bleach wipes, that’s going to be bleach spray, that’s going to be Clorox.”

“We have limits on meat items, too,” Ginnetti said. “We have frozen vegetables on sale, too. We limit those to two bags.”

One of the hardest-hit products? Toilet paper.

“In my whole life, it was never desired as it is now,” Rulli said.

He asked someone he knows why they’re having a hard time keeping up with hand sanitizer production as well.

“At any given day of a regular year, you might only have 2% to 3% of the public that actually wants to buy [Purell]. What do you do when 100% want to buy that product?”

Rulli is asking people to only buy what they need if a product doesn’t have a limit so others can get some, too.

Other stores in the area are limited on some of the things they are able to order from their warehouse, including toilet paper and wipes.

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