YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many salons are seeing an uptick in business but for an unusual reason – hair loss caused by COVID-19.

Many clients are asking for extensions and wigs after having COVID-19 and suffering hair loss.

“About 60% of people who had COVID are having hair issues,” said Cheree Allen, owner of Luxe Hair and Nail Salon. “Not necessarily hair loss, some are thinning, some people have hair loss but also some people are noticing the texture of their hair has changed.”

Allen said she hasn’t experienced anything like it in her 31 years as a stylist. She said many of her clients are leaning toward wigs or tape-ins to help the problem.

“They get hairstyles like wigs and braids so they can preserve their own hair to keep it from shedding, to keep it from breaking more than they already have,” Allen said.

Allen said one of the reasons for hair loss is many people take steroids to recover from COVID and hair loss is one of the side effects. According to the Amerian Academy of Dermatology, temporary hair loss can also happen after a fever or illness.

Allen said there are steps people can take at home to try to prevent hair loss and strengthen their hair.

“Drink a lot of water. Get on a multivitamin and make sure you shampoo your hair, especially once you finish your steroid regimen,” she said.

Allen says when you sweat, it all comes out of your pores and hair, so it’s important to keep your hair cleansed and conditioned. Ultimately, she said the best thing you can do is get a consultation with a professional stylist who knows how to treat your hair type.

“If your hair is already fine or thin, most professional hairstylists will not give you extensions like brain extensions or a sew because that’s tension on the hair,” Allen said.

She said there is hope after experiencing hair loss but it’s important to get into a salon as quickly as possible.