Local pregnant woman gets mixed signals whether to receive COVID-19 vaccine


Chelsea Simeon got her first dose at a clinic in Trumbull County, but when she went back, she ran into some problems

(WKBN) – Should a pregnant woman get a COVID-19 vaccine? It’s a legitimate question. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention clarified its position this week.

Two women who had issues regarding the vaccine through the Trumbull County Combined Health District (TCCHD) contacted us, and one of them works at First News.

“I’m just doing what I think is best for my child based on what I know now,” said WKBN digital executive producer Chelsea Simeon.

Simeon is expecting her second child in July. She said at first she was on the fence about getting vaccinated, but after speaking with her doctor and other people about it…

“I decided to go ahead and get it. I was told that the risks of getting COVID while pregnant are probably worse than the vaccine,” she said.

Simeon got her first dose at a clinic in Trumbull County, but when she went back, she ran into some problems.

“It was another person that was giving the shot this time and she basically said, ‘Oh, we shouldn’t have given you the first shot. Trumbull County is not vaccinating pregnant or breastfeeding women,'” Simeon said. “That kind of like shocked me a little bit because I was thinking, ‘Oh man, I thought I made a good decision and now somebody here is telling me maybe you shouldn’t have done that.'”

Dr. Sayed El Azeem, a high-risk pregnancy specialist, is one of Simeon’s doctors. He said some of his other patients have had similar issues receiving the vaccine.

“She should be receiving the vaccine without any question because this is clear guidelines from all the authorities,” Dr. Azeem said.

“We decided in consultation with our medical director, since we do not have a physician right here on-site with us, that we were not going to vaccinate pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, there are other places they can get those vaccines,” said Sandy Swann, TCCHD’s director of nursing.

“Other pregnant women that have been turned away might be questioning whether they should get it, might be getting exposed to COVID. I hope that they’re given the opportunity to get the shot if they want it,” Simeon said.

Simeon was able to secure a second dose of the vaccine in another county, but it wasn’t easy. She said many places won’t give you a second dose if you did not receive your first dose there.

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