Local health organizations explain COVID-19 vaccine dosing


Local health departments are told days before how many vaccines they will be getting for the week

(WKBN) – By now most people in the 1A tier for the COVID-19 vaccine have been vaccinated. However, many in this tier might be wondering about the second dose.

The two vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, indicate for a second dose at 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna.

According to Kris Wilster with the Trumbull County Combined Health District, it’s OK if you don’t get the second dose on the exact day. Just make sure to get it close to that 21st or 28th day.

“We’re still working on them simultaneously with the 1Bs,” Wilster said. “They’re earmarked. They’ll give us ‘X’ amount for 1A and ‘X’ amount for 1B. It’s not like we get to choose. They tell us how many we’re getting and what tier to use it.”

Those that got the first dose were given a card. It’s important to keep that card and schedule the second dose when possible.

“We are expecting to receive our first shipment of the second dose, that we would actually give, sometime this week,” said Laura Fauss, spokesperson for the Columbiana County Health District.

Fauss said they are told before they receive the vaccines how many they are getting, which is something Wilster and Dr. James Kravec of Mercy Health echoed.

“For 1A, we’ve required Mercy employees and Mercy medical staff to schedule, but we also allowed walk-ins for that group. Again, it was a very defined population. It was done at the hospital,” Kravec said.

Kravec said some people have reactions to the vaccine and some people don’t. If there is a reaction, it could be a sign that the vaccine is working as the body works to fight off the virus and build up immunity against it.

“That’s how the immune system works. So, for people with fever, body aches, or sore arms, that means it’s working and it’s OK. That said if you don’t have anything, it doesn’t mean that it’s not working, All bodies react differently.”

While 1A is gearing up for the second dose, those in 1B are just getting started. Fauss recommends getting the first dose with the second one in mind.

“Make sure they’re going to be available for that second dose. They need to be in the state or off work or whatever is the case. They need to make sure they’re available,” Fauss said.

Dr. Kravec reminds everyone that just because a person gets the vaccine doesn’t mean they should stop distancing, disinfecting, staying home when a person is sick and masking up right away.

“At this point, we still need to focus on those same public health measures,” Kravec said. “The more and more people that we get vaccinated the better chances we have at getting back to the normal.”

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