Local COVID numbers currently mirror statewide trends


(WKBN) – The number of people testing positive for the coronavirus is on the rise. We took a look at how fast it’s going up and if deaths and hospitalizations are following.

Throughout Ohio, cases and hospitalizations are on the rise but the number of people dying from COVID-19 actually fell in the past week.

In the week ending today, there were just over 39,000 new cases. To put this in perspective, during the exact same week last year, there were 46,000 new cases. So it’s 15 percent less than last year.

But new cases have been rising over the past four weeks. Ohio started the month with 23,600 new cases and there are 39,000 this week — that’s up 65 percent in four weeks.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 is going down though. Throughout the pandemic, the number of deaths has lagged behind a spike in cases. For three weeks, the number bounced around between the mid and upper 500s. This past week it fell to 420, which is a decrease of 27 percent.

For the first two weeks of the month, 2,300 people were hospitalized. Then it went to 2,700 and this past week it was almost 3,200, which is up 35 percent — a big jump.

As far as the percentage of people receiving at least one shot throughout the state, our three counties trail Ohio as a whole, where 57 percent of the people have received a shot. Mahoning County is at 54 percent, Trumbull County is at 52 percent and Columbiana County is at 44 percent.

Locally, the numbers mirror the state as a whole. So, cases and hospitalizations are up while the number of people dying is down.

Throughout October and into November, new cases were falling throughout Mahoning County. This past week they were over 1,000, which was more than double the new cases from three weeks ago.

Trumbull County’s cases started trending up during the first part of November. This past week, there were 900 new cases, which is an increase of 68 percent in three weeks.

In mid-October, Columbiana County had just over 500 new cases. Then it fell for two weeks. The 564 this week is up 40 percent from the first of the month.

Mercer County had its number of new cases below 300 on the week ending Nov. 1. This week, there were 526 new cases, which is up 81 percent.

For the number of people dying from COVID-19, we added all four counties together. From mid-October into the first of November, it ranged from 48 to 57. The week ending last Friday saw 39 deaths. Throughout the pandemic, the number of people dying has lagged behind any spikes in new cases, so we’ll see if that holds true here.

Lastly, we take a look at the difference in hospitalizations from COVID-19 over the past seven days. These numbers are all over the place, ranging from an increase of 70 percent in Trumbull to a drop of 4 percent in Columbiana County. Mahoning and Mercer counties are also showing big increases of 33 and 44 percent.

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