(WKBN) – About two hours after the nationwide vaccine mandate was announced, Ohio Attorney General David Yost filed a lawsuit to block it.

Yost said the mandate would result in the release of dangerous ICE detainees being held in county jails because sheriffs would lose deputies.

Likely, that won’t be the only lawsuit filed against the mandate. But will it work? Will lawsuits stop the mandate from going into effect?

We talked with a local attorney who said that based on what we’ve seen with lawsuits against mask mandates, he thinks, in short, no, lawsuits will not stop the mandate.

“Based upon the cases I’ve looked at up to this point both federally and state, the mandates will succeed and the lawsuits, and I’m sure there’s going to be plenty more that are going to be filed over the next weeks and months, but I believe ultimately the mandates will be successful,” said Chris Maruca, with Maruca Law Firm.

He added that because people have the option to not be vaccinated and instead tested and masked, that a judge will rule in favor of the mandate.