LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Protesters gathered in Lisbon Saturday for the third straight weekend, voicing concerns about government and its control during the pandemic.

“Now that we have the economy reopening, why can’t people gather in groups of ten or more? Why can’t they gather with their families to celebrate?” said Jamie Kennealy, a protester at the rally.

Kennealy is one of about 30 people who joined together Saturday with the group “Free Ohio Now.”

She says her colleagues want Ohio government leaders to release data that justifies the current State of Emergency.

“We would like to see the State of Emergency rescinded. We would like to see the extended orders and stay at home orders rescinded, so that people can move about freely with their own responsibility,” Kennealy said.

Susan Hall came to Lisbon Square to advocate for those in nursing homes spending their final days without family.

“The nursing home tragedy has been lost in this shut down,” said Hall.

She says her mother passed away in a nursing home five weeks ago of natural causes, and Hall suspects it was of a broken heart due to visitor restrictions.

Hall says she knows people who would pay to be tested for the virus before visiting.

“I would like an option other than saying, no, we’re closing this down for their well-being, which I know isn’t true,” Hall said.

Currently, nursing homes make up over 40% of all coronavirus-related deaths in Ohio.

The group “Free Ohio Now” spreads all across the state. On Saturday, the protests were held in 17 counties.