Lisbon businessman and COVID survivor lends perspective on virus


Steve Garofalo is back on his feet, after a fight with the coronavirus

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – WKBN 27 First News has told you stories about people who have died from the coronavirus, and those who have recovered. Even a pastor who spent 100 days in the hospital and is back in the pulpit. Now, a story about a survivor in Lisbon and how he views the pandemic since he’s recovered.

Steve Garofalo is back on his feet, after a fight with the coronavirus. He won, but still hasn’t knocked it out and continues recovering.

“It’s been a little slower than I would like. I was hoping that I would be a little farther along,” Garofalo said.

Garofalo’s fight included a month in the hospital and being hooked up to a ventilator. His wife and children would get 4 a.m. calls with updates on his condition. They’ve all had symptoms. Garofalo’s father died from the virus. Now, he’s watching as COVID-19 as it lingers.

“I guess I understand where people are tired of either hearing about this or thinking that they can’t get it, but it is still out there,” he said.

Garofalo is back to work making the best pizzas in town, just shorter shifts. His grandparents started Mary’s Pizza in 1961. Steve’s customers care about his health. We asked if any have been concerned they might catch the virus.

“‘I’ve kind of heard a few things about that. When we reopened the doors, we’ve never been busier,” he said.

Pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and more pizza. Steve is happy to be back on his feet and satisfying people’s hunger. He’s still watching the virus, worried about his family and doing the right things to keep it away.

“I suppose what they are telling us is what we should be doing. I wish I had the right answer for that. Right now, We are just wearing the mask and washing our hands and trying to stay socially distant,” Garofalo said.

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