(WKBN) – Four months after seeing the peak for COVID-19 cases, the state’s top doctor says Ohio is still, in his words, “doing well.”

“The virus is still out there circulating for sure, but Ohio’s case totals remain a fraction of what they were in January,” said Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, chief medical officer of the Ohio Department of Health.

Vanderhoff says although case numbers have started climbing recently, statewide figures show less than 600 people are now hospitalized with COVID, compared to more than 6,700 back in January.

Those numbers seem to be holding true here in the Valley.

“We’re only seeing about 5 percent in the hospital, as opposed to what we had in January,” said Dr. James Kravec, Mercy Health’s chief medical officer.

Kravec also says the cases that are being seen are not as severe as they had been before, thanks to changes in the virus itself.

“We knew this would happen; there would be mutations and changes, but what we’re seeing is this is not leading to hospitalization and severe disability,” Kravec said.

With two-thirds of Ohioans having received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, Vanderhoff says now is the time to make sure your immunizations are up to date, and for many, that means two shots and a booster.

“We need to take this opportunity to prepare for the fall, when more of us are indoors, or to prepare for unanticipated changes in viral activity,” Vanderhoff said.

As for those who may still come down with the virus, experts suggest talking with your own doctor about newer treatments that weren’t available when the pandemic started.

“We’re learning to live with COVID. It’s not COVID or a normal life, it’s really both,” Kravec said.