(WKBN) – High school athletes competing in winter sports saw their seasons end abruptly. Spring sport athletes are still unsure if they’ll even have a season. But parents across the tri-county area are making sure the seniors are still recognized.

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Families are draping jerseys over their front doors to recognize the kids.

“It’s about kids who won’t get to go to school, won’t get to graduate, having sports finish, senior night,” said Fionna Ferguson, a Struthers senior. “I had mine, but I’m still glad that my mom did it so people recognize that there’s seniors out there that can’t have everything that they deserve.”

“They do need to feel recognized and like they matter through all this situation, too,” said Kristin Ferguson, Fionna’s mom. “I do feel like a lot of them are just getting lost in the transition of what is going on.”

Parents and athletes plan on leaving the jerseys up all season.