How and when to wash cloth face masks


Leaders and the CDC are recommending everyone wear face masks in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19

(WKBN) – “Don your mask, don your cape.” Those were the words Dr. Amy Acton said to inspire people to wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But what’s the proper way to use them and keep them clean?

Tom Cosper, with Mercy Health, said it’s best to wash cloth masks once or twice a week.

He said to wash them in the washer on the hottest setting or hand-wash them using warm water and soap. He said the virus does not do well in temperatures over 140 degrees.

Cosper agrees with officials, saying everyone should wear a mask.

“I think that we all have a part to play in this, and the governor has the order and it’s one I feel we should follow. So most people, by now, have access to a mask via one way or another, and take advantage of that and wear it.”

Cosper said the purpose of the mask is to prevent the spread of the virus — it won’t protect the wearer from getting it. If you are carrying the virus, it helps prevents you from giving it to someone else.

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