Without regular hair appointments, WKBN reporters have been improvising


Salons have been closed for two weeks and a lot of us are starting to notice

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s been two weeks now since Ohio Governor Mike DeWine closed hair salons so at this point, a lot of people’s hair is getting longer. In some cases, it’s getting grayer, too. On Thursday, Ohio learned it will be another month before hairstylists can cut and color again.

Some of WKBN’s own are trying to figure out what they are going to do until then.

First News anchor Dave Sess has a standing appointment every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Casal’s in Canfield.

“My hair grows like a weed. I mean, it grows that fast,” he said.

But with the salon now closed, when Dave’s hair became too long, he found a small pair of scissors and a mirror and cut it himself.

“Just trimming off the ends. I can’t do it like the professionals, and I cannot do it as good as them or my wife can’t do it. I’ve had a couple offers of people wanting to do it but I’m OK for right now.”

Reporter Lindsey Watson gets her hair done every six weeks — cut and color. She’s now going on nine weeks with nothing done.

“I’m starting to be able to see my roots, like, really bad in here like when I don’t have my hair done for the news,” she said.

Salon owner gives tips on how to maintain beauty while stuck at home

But she has found ways to work around the situation.

“Besides teasing it like I normally do, that kind of hides a lot of it, but I’ve been using a mix of root touch-up for blondes, as well as blonde dry shampoo. So the mixture of those two seems to be working really well,” Lindsey said.

George Wheaton has been a hairstylist for 35 years and currently works out of Austintown’s Knot Just Hair Salon where chairs have been empty and the shop closed.

Since everyone’s staying home, Wheaton had some suggestions about hair care.

“And if they need to trim it, we suggest that they style their hair first and just trim a little bit at a time, no more than half an inch of hair length,” he said.

Wheaton also suggests washing with a good shampoo and conditioner, then letting it air dry, forgoing dryers and curling irons.

For people doing color, he recommends just doing the roots. Don’t pull it through, don’t cover up any highlights or lowlights already there, and to try to avoid box colors. A lot of them have metallic dyes that don’t mix well with the alkaline dyes used in most shops.

He also had a tip for cutting bangs.

“They call it tip cutting, where you just use the tip of the scissors and you go kind of up into the bang and you’re not cutting a straight across line.”

As far as Dave Sess’ do-it-yourself haircut, Wheaton was pleased.

“My wife was watching the first night on the air and talking with her best friend, Stephanie, and she couldn’t even tell,” he said.

But will Lindsey cut her own hair?

“Oh no, absolutely not. That is not one of the routes I will take,” she said. “I think every girl learns that at a young age. Don’t cut your bangs. They always tell you, don’t cut your bangs. Do not pick up the scissors. Do not take things into your own hands.”

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