Gyms, salons understand delayed open over coronavirus worries


Still, local businesses said they're anxious to get back to work and they'll be doing everything they can to prevent its spread

(WKBN) – On Monday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the state’s plan to reopen. Some businesses, including gyms and salons, are not part of the plan’s first phase.

Katie Glatzer, with Body Temple Fitness, said Monday was the first time she watched DeWine’s daily briefing. She was expecting him to mention gyms as part of the first phase of the reopening process.

“I was watching and watching, and it wasn’t there and I’m like, ‘Maybe he forgot.’ But he didn’t forget and I was really shocked,” she said.

Even if they were part of the first phase, Glatzer said she didn’t plan on opening until they knew what to expect.

“We’d have a better idea of what’s going on, how the public is reacting, what happens with the virus.”

Jacob Finn, with Orange Theory Fitness Youngstown, said he wishes they were included but he isn’t shocked.

“I wasn’t surprised. Was I disappointed a little bit? Yes, I was disappointed because we want to get reopened.”

Both of them can understand why gyms will stay closed for now.

“The reality is we are in pretty close quarters here,” Finn said.

“We’re just not spaced out that well,” Glatzer said. “With that heavy breathing and coughing, and it would have been really difficult for us to open that first week or two.”

Local gyms aren’t the only ones waiting for the day to open their doors again. Salons like Panache are also anxious to reopen.

“I think you have the amount of people who think our job is based on being sanitary, and clean and taking care of people’s health, but I also think people are nervous because we are so close to people,” Zayna Gasior said.

When the time comes to reopen, gyms and salons said they’re already planning to be extra careful.

“Everybody’s been doing their research, they’ve been doing online sanitation, they’ve been looking at other states and what they’re doing, and already buying things to be prepared,” Gasior said.

Orange Theory and Body Temple Fitness are also doing what they can by sanitizing, reducing class sizes and not letting people share equipment.

All three businesses said they expect it to take a little bit longer to open their doors, but they’ll be ready when that day comes.

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