Gov. DeWine updates on PPE shortage for healthcare workers


He also pleaded with other companies and people to use their resources to help with the shortage

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was joined by Dr. Amy Acton and Lt. Governor Jon Husted again Saturday afternoon to update the state on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Acton said that data is showing how social distancing is helping to flatten the curve of infections.

She also emphasized that the peak of COVID-19 cases would be higher if they did not take action sooner.

“We are flattening the curve in Ohio. Those number’s would’ve been 50 to 75 percent higher than they are right now. Our curve would’ve been much steeper had we not acted starting a couple of weeks ago,” Dr. Acton said.

DeWine updated Ohio on the personal protective equipment shortage for healthcare workers.

He said that one lab has developed a new technology that would sterilize masks so that they can be reused.

Two of the machines would be for the state and others would be sent to other states as well.

DeWine pleaded with the FDA to approve this so it can be put into use right away.

“They need these as we move forward and as we go further down the line in regard to the pandemic we are in. This would significantly–very, very quickly–at 160,000 of these a day, boost our capacity,” DeWine said.

He also pleaded with other companies and people to use their resources to help with the shortage.

“These are the items that we need. These are the items that we are asking you to help us with. If you are a manufacturer and you can make any of this stuff, we need to hear from you right away,” DeWine said.

He also gave the ten most important items needed in no particular order.

DeWine is asking anyone who can make these items to reach out through the email

Husted said that Ohio Public Broadcasting will be airing educational television.

This is geared toward students who don’t have internet access and have had trouble keeping up with schoolwork while they have been closed.

“We don’t want them to fall behind. We know that is really important for students to continue to climb that educational mountain and continue to learn and to put the best use of this time they have together,” Husted said.

Both Husted and Acton also said that no healthcare facility should be turning away patients for any reason, especially due to medical insurance.

Husted said action will be taken against facilities found turning sick people away.

The governor also said that there will not be a briefing Sunday afternoon unless there is urgent news.

You can see statewide and county-by-county totals recorded by the Ohio Department of Health by clicking here.

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