Gov. DeWine updates numbers and announces more restrictions


The state is running out of the substance needed to help test for Covid-19 and they have been forced to conserve what they have

(WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine gave another update on the pandemic Saturday. He spoke about new regulations and the steps to help get essential items in the state.

“We must act as if we have been invaded by an enemy because, in truth, we really have been,” said DeWine.

Again with Ohio Health Direction Dr. Amy Acton and Lt. Governor Jon Husted, they gave the updated numbers related to the Covid-19 outbreak in the state of Ohio.

“What we do now, today, tomorrow, will determine how many of us die. It’s as simple as that,” said DeWine.

Also on Saturday, Dr. Acton said that the state is running out of the substance needed to help test for Covid-19. They have been forced to conserve what they have.

“Everything points to the fact that we had a seeding of this infection early on, and we were one of the last states to get the reagents we needed to do the testing, and our case numbers are a history snapshot of the past. They are not telling the full data and the full story of what is happening here,” said Dr. Acton.

DeWine also announced more restrictions Saturday afternoon.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is modifying the process for trucks carrying heavy loads of essential goods.

These trucks will no longer have to get advanced permission to legally travel in the state.

Also, adult day services for people with developmental disabilities are now suspended. Any gatherings under ten people are still allowed.

However, DeWine still urges people to take social distancing and bans on large crowds more seriously.

“I would ask all of you, every night before you go to bed, to ask yourself if I have done everything in my power to protect us,” DeWine said.

“We talked about how difficult it is to build these systems when it’s in the middle of the eye of the storm,” said Dr. Acton. “We are in increasingly heavy rain. This is the time to baton down your hatches. This is the time to stay at home in place.”

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