EMS workers show support for staff at local hospitals


MedStar Ambulance set up a parade for workers at St. Joseph Warren Hospital and Trumbull Regional Medical Center

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Local EMS workers paraded through the parking lots Tuesday of Mercy Health – St. Joseph of Warren Hospital and Trumbull Regional Medical Center to show appreciation to the employees. 

“They’ve put in a lot of overtime hours and extra time and have taken extra precautions to keep people safe,” said Rachael Madden, the director of marketing for MedStar. “They always support and respect us… I think it would be a good thing to show them how much we support and appreciate all the things that they do.”

MedStar Ambulance, which focuses on 9-1-1 and critical support in the area, set up the parade. 

Jonathon Fauvie, a spokesperson for Mercy Health, said healthcare is a selfless career for many people, and the pandemic has allowed them to respond to a calling. 

“Our organization, [which] was founded by the Sisters of Humility of Mary more than 100 years ago, really instilled within us, and that’s a call to serve,” he said. 

The employees at the hospital and EMS staff work closely together, so it was unique that the EMS crews showed appreciation for what they do. 

“We do appreciate each other,” said Matt Gordon, director of EMS at Trumbull Regional Medical Center. “It was great; it’s nice to see that, the companies to take time out of their busy day and of their busy schedules to give us a few minutes just to say thanks.”

Tom Young, the manager of MedStar, set up the event but was not able to be there for the event because he was sent to Louisiana to help with the hurricane. 

“With EMS Week, they did a whole lot for us, so we’re trying to return the favor,” General Manager of MedStar Troy Hass said. 

He also mentioned it’s a tip of the hat to the employees, the community and show the hospitals are safe. 

“It was the best way to show it,” Hass said. “When you drove through the parking lot, employees can see what’s going on. They can see that these are the different ambulances, and we’re saying ‘thank you’ the best we can.”

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