Employees mask up to get back to work in Ohio


Employees not wearing masks can be reported, but a local health official admits it may be difficult to enforce

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio is slowly allowing businesses to reopen. On Monday, nonessential medical offices could open. Manufacturers, construction crews and warehouse employees could also get back to work.

The openings come with come changes, though. The biggest may be that employees now have to wear masks.

“It’s not called a stay-at-home order anymore, it’s called a stay safe order,” said Kris Wilster, with the Trumbull County Combined Health District. “In Section 8, it lists out facial coverings and there are six exemptions with it.”

Wilster said regulating employees to make sure they’re wearing face coverings isn’t as simple as it may sound.

“Some of these exemptions could be of a medical nature. I don’t know their medical history, so I don’t have a right. It could be a HIPAA violation for me to even acquire why they aren’t wearing a mask. So some of these are going to be difficult to enforce.”

If you see employees not wearing a mask, you can report them to your county health department. If workers aren’t exempt, the health department will send a notice of violation.

Customers are not required to wear masks but some businesses have their own rules.

“My store rule for this is you have to have a mask on,” said Bruce Han, owner of Hair Depot Plus. “Without a mask, they aren’t allowed to shop here.”

Han said his employees are being cooperative and following Governor Mike DeWine’s guidelines.

“My employees, they wear masks all of the time. Since we’ve been open, I haven’t seen anyone take them off. Anyone.”

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