Dr. Acton, Fran DeWine advocate for homemade masks


Dr. Acton said in war-like situations, medical workers wear whatever gets the job done, such as bandanas

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Fran DeWine began Wednesday’s update on coronavirus in Ohio by encouraging Ohioans to get creative and make homemade masks to help cut down on the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Amy Acton said healthcare workers are not at the point of needing to use homemade masks, but she also encouraged making and using them to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“The masks are fascinating to me,” Dr. Acton said. “I’ve told you this is an unprecedented time for us and I want to be honest with people at home. When we don’t have enough PPE, we are going by the old playbooks, the old but true things.”

She added that includes war-like situations where medical workers wear whatever gets the job done such as bandannas.

The Centers for Disease Control has guidelines for using all sorts of equipment to protect people and workers, but Dr. Acton said Ohio is not yet at the stage where a frontline healthcare worker doing a pervasive procedure needs a different mask due to a shortage.

“Wearing a mask in places you see like Asia is common courtesy when people are sick,” Dr. Acton said. “They actually wear a mask so that they’re not spreading those respiratory droplets.”

For that reason, she encouraged Ohioans to heed Fran DeWine’s advice to make your own masks, which could, in turn, help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

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