Don’t post pictures of your COVID-19 vaccine card on social media, BBB says


The information on the card can make you vulnerable to identity theft

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(WKBN) – As COVID-19 vaccines have begun rolling out to more people, the Better Business Bureau warns against sharing a picture of your vaccine card on social media.

The information on the card can make you vulnerable to identity theft. It can also help scammers create phony versions, the BBB says.

“Unfortunately, your card has your full name and birthday on it, as well as information about where you got your vaccine. If your social media privacy settings aren’t set high, you may be giving valuable information away for anyone to use,” the BBB said in a release.

They also said scammers in Great Britain were caught selling fake vaccination cards on eBay and TikTok.

The BBB says it’s “only a matter of time” before similar cons appear in the United States and Canada.

Instead, they recommend sharing your vaccine sticker or use a profile frame.

They also suggest reviewing your security settings, such as checking what you are sharing and who will see your posts.

“If you only want friends and family to see your posts, be sure that’s how your privacy settings are configured,” the BBB said.

Lastly, they warn against answering popular social media prompts, such as listing all the cars you’ve owned, favorite songs and top 10 TV shows. Some of these things are often used as passwords or security questions.

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