Doctor, local gym owner weigh in on wearing masks while working out


Masks can keep people's germs to themselves but are they safe to wear during a workout?

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – As gyms start to reopen, they’re preparing to keep customers and employees safe from COVID-19. Wearing a mask, however, can be a hazard when working out.

Masks, which are becoming commonplace, keep people from spreading germs to others. But when you go to the gym, you’re going to be moving a lot.

“There can be problems so that’s why I think that needs to remain optional,” said Tom Beagle, owner of Power Fitness in East Liverpool.

“When you have the face covering on, it’s going to be harder to breathe,” said Salem Family Practice’s Dr. Mike Sevilla.

This could cause dizziness and light-headedness.

Breathing in isn’t the only problem, though. Breathing out can be an issue, too.

“I think more people are intolerant to carbon dioxide and so the masks can cause problems that way,” Beagle said.

“Some of the carbon dioxide can build up a little bit,” Sevilla said. “That can cause a little bit of a problem but not too much.”

If you choose to wear a mask while working out, try taking it slowly.

Beagle recommends getting used to having it on.

“They need to start building a tolerance while wearing that mask now before they come into the gym,” he said. “Start wearing it a couple of hours at a time. Start taking walks with it, learning to breathe with it on before they start pushing themselves within the gym.”

Lastly, how you take off your mask is just as important as putting one on in the first place.

“As you’re taking off the mask, make sure you aren’t touching your eyes or your mouth and then when you put your mask down, make sure you have some hand sanitizer or wash your hands after you take off the mask,” Sevilla said.

He said to check in with your gym to find out what procedures it has in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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