Despite COVID-19 restrictions, two new, local restaurants were able to open doors


YOSTERIA is new to Cornersburg and Gringos is new to Youngstown

(WKBN) – Despite restrictions on occupancy, two restaurants recently opened in the area, one in Cornersburg and the other in downtown Youngstown.

Both owners are optimistic about the future.

YOSTERIA is located in a modern plaza on Canfield Road in Cornersburg, while Gringos is in a 110-year-old building on N. Phelps Street downtown where on Friday, the brick-colored sidewalk was poured for the new plaza.

At YOSTERIA, owner Alex Zordich was making pizzas and at Gringos, workers were making tacos. Both opened in the middle of COVID-19 — YOSTERIA two and a half months ago and Gringos last week, five months behind schedule.

“It slowed down construction. It slowed down production of our material that we ordered. Our tables and chairs were pushed back quite a bit,” said Gringos owner Ken Vigorito.

“But it’s been a crazy year for everybody. We’ve all be trying to adapt, and so far so good. This has been a good take out with the pizza, starting out with the pizza and the breads. So it’s all good,” Zordich said.

Zordich already has plans to expand. He has created his own wine called Yo Vino, the first batch of which will be completed in December. He also plans to renovate his grandparents’ old house in Smoky Hollow and turn it into what he called a “garage winery.”

“You know, take YOSTERIA, plant it down there. I want that to be the main spot. Even open it just once or twice a week, have it be a destination spot,” Zordich said.

Selling alcohol at Gringos has also been a big issue. There’s a fully stocked bar specializing in Tequila that they have yet been able to fully use.

“Open up that liquor would be nice, to the 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock liquor last call was definitely a damper,” Vigorito said.

But despite all the restrictions, both owners say they’re moving forward.

“We did exceptional. I’m a little surprised that we’ve done well, especially the dinner crowd,” Vigorito said.

“But this is a nice, little start. I mean, all my family’s over here, friends are over here, so we’re having fun with it,” Zordich said.

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