(WKBN) – The number of new COVID-19 cases in Ohio on Monday, Dec. 27 is down from the big record-breaking numbers from last week.

New cases on Dec. 27 totaled 8,000. On Thursday last week, there were 16,000 new cases and over 14,400 on Friday. Dec. 27’s numbers were also below the 21-day average of 9,700.

The three key numbers in analyzing the COVID-19 situation have been cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Currently, the trends in all three categories are up — in some cases, way up.

Over the past four weeks, since Dec. 6, new COVID-19 cases in Ohio are up 78 percent — from 47,000 cases to almost 85,000 new cases this past week. In early December 2020, we were getting around 85,000 new cases a week. So, the numbers are identical to COVID-19 at its worst last year.

The number of people dying from the coronavirus is also up. The trend is up by 67 percent in four weeks, with 692 people dying in the latest reported week. There was a week last December when 885 people died. There was no vaccine last December, so the number here should be down.

As far as hospitalizations, to show how much the numbers have increased, we went back to Nov. 1 when the number of people in the hospital from COVID-19 was 2,300. By Thanksgiving, it was over 3,400, mid-December was over 4,700 and as of Dec. 27, the number of people hospitalized from COVID-19 in Ohio is just over 5,000. This number peaked on Dec. 1, 2020, at 5,234. So what’s happening now, despite all the vaccinations, is very similar to the COVID-19 spike we saw last December.

Locally, not all the numbers for cases, deaths and hospitalizations have increased, unlike the above statewide numbers.

For the first three weeks of December, new cases in Mahoning County were right around 1,000, but then this past week, they shot up to over 1,400. From week two to week four, that’s an increase of 41 percent.

For three weeks, the trend in Trumbull County was down. Four weeks ago, new cases were at 1,102. Then they fell to 979, then to 883 but then this past week shot up to 1,236. That’s up 40 percent in one week.

There were no big increases in Columbiana County. In fact, from this past week to the week before, the number of new cases actually fell from 526 to 457. There were also no big spikes in the numbers.

It’s the same situation in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. New cases this month peaked in the second week at 649. Since then, they have fallen to around 500 and then in the past week, down to 380.

As far as deaths between all four counties combined, the peak was two weeks ago when 76 people died. This past week, it fell to 55. Of those 55, 26 deaths were in Mercer County and 18 were in Mahoning County.