Ohio couple on board cruise ship where 21 tested positive for coronavirus


Vice President Pence announced Friday they are working to bring the ship to a noncommercial port in San Francisco

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A Dayton area couple is stranded onboard a cruise ship after 21 other people tested positive for the coronavirus. Vice President Pence announced Friday they are working to bring the ship to a non-commercial port in San Francisco.

Amy Doty-Kilbourne and Alan Kilbourne say they’re being quarantined in their room. Both are nurses, so they say they already practice good sanitary measures, so they’re not worried about becoming infected.

The two are celebrating their five-year anniversary on a cruise, saying they booked the 15-day trip on the Grand Princess last May.

“They changed our course, skipped our last Mexican stop in Sonata and we’ve been outside of San Francisco Bay just kind of hovering for the last several days,” Amy tells 2 NEWS.

They say since Thursday, all guests have been quarantined in their rooms.

It comes after some of the nearly 3,500 people aboard tested positive for COVID-19.

“Forty-six persons were swabbed, 21 of those on the ship tested positive for the coronavirus, 24 tested negative, one test was inconclusive,” Vice President Mike Pence said Friday, adding that 19 of those positive cases are crew members.

Alan Kilbourne says the last they heard, officials were only testing those who showed any symptoms – which neither Amy nor Alan are experiencing.

“We’ll probably be tested once we come ashore. Everyone is going to be tested,” said Alan.

But they add the food appears to be rationed – among many other concerns about being stuck at sea for longer than anticipated.

“They are asking people about medications and if they have enough for the next seven days,” said Amy.

She says Princess Cruise lines announced it will pay for anyone who has to change reservations due to the events, but they say it’s still a question when they will make it home.

“Once we do get there and we get cleared, we’re not sure if the airlines will let us on their airplanes to make it back home so we have no idea how we’re going to manage that once we do get to land.”

They say the cruise ship is providing them with internet, Sudoku puzzles, and expanded movie selections, but they’re just ready to make it back home to the Miami Valley. As of now, they’re still waiting to hear exactly what the next steps are.

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