Daughter nurses Trumbull County woman with COVID-19 back to health


Linda Buckley doesn't remember much about her 71-day battle with the coronavirus, but she does remember her daughter being by her side

VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – A Vienna woman beat COVID-19 after almost three months in the hospital. But Linda Buckley’s story has an interesting twist — her daughter was her nurse.

“I remember her coming in my room, and picking me up and hugging me,” Linda said.

She doesn’t remember much about her 71-day battle with the coronavirus. Linda didn’t know she missed Easter, Mother’s Day and her 57th wedding anniversary to her Grove City High School sweetheart, Merritt.

But she does remember her daughter, Kelly Stanley, being right by her side.

“She got moved to where my daughter — my daughter is an RN — she got moved there,” Merritt said. “Just seeing a family member, you can see the difference. You can see the improvement right away.”

Treating her coronavirus sent Linda to three different hospitals. She spent 17 days on a ventilator, developed blood clots, fell and hurt her hip, and had pneumonia.

“I just wanted to put eyes on her and make sure she was getting the best care,” Kelly said.

Kelly greeted her mother when the ambulance dropped her off at Vibra Hospital in Boardman and she was there every day after.

“Five minutes early, I’d run down and peek in on her,” Kelly said. “Sometimes she’d be sleeping, and I’d just go in and check on her. It was awesome. It was a connection that we needed.”

As much as Kelly being there helped Linda’s recovery, Kelly said it helped her and the rest of their family get through it, too.

“She never gives up on anything,” said Kathy Bartnick, Linda’s other daughter. “So you bet your life she’s going to run around this summer safely.”

Linda just got home this week. While she is just beginning her recovery, she looks forward to taking rides in some of her classic cars.

“I want to go for a ride,” she said. “My daughter moved to Lisbon, I’m going there. We’re going to Michigan, Grand Haven, and that’s my goal and I’m going to be there.”

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